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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

IMTA Alum Ryan Zweers! An Update and a Parent's Perspective on IMTA!

We recently heard from Ryan Zweers and his mom Krista Zweers who were at IMTA NY 2015 in July. They came to IMTA with Seattle Talent.  Ryan signed with CESD Talent and Margo Menzel at Primary Wave Entertainment! Ms. Zweers wrote us an amazing letter that we wanted to share:

First, I want to say how much we loved the whole IMTA NY 2015 experience. My son Ryan Zweers came there with the awesome Seattle Talent Team! Everyone was so helpful, professional, courteous and full of positive energy. It was much more of a wonderful experience we imagined it to be. As a parent I had no idea the energy and excitement we would get from it and not only did my son connect and make friends with so many young and older people there but so did I. My son Ryan Zweers ended up getting the Most Sought After Male Actor, Male Junior Actor of the Year and Male Junior Model Honorable Mention. He had 30 call backs, three 1st place categories as well as top 5 in many talent and model categories. We both were overwhelmed in an excited way as we did not expect he'd do so well...

We met with several agents and managers on the last day but waited to decide on one until we took a week off to be in LA to meet everyone again. In LA, Ryan was able to audition with and meet Disney and Nickelodeon executives and a few other big network casting managers. Everyone received him very well and really liked his look and his personality saying he's like a 30 year old in a kid's body. After a week in LA, we finally chose an incredible agent and manager, CESD Talent and Margo Menzel at Primary Wave Entertainment who have been supplying Ryan with many huge audition opportunities every week since August.

Sometimes we receive 3 auditions in one week. All of the auditions have been for lead roles in feature films, new Netflix series, Disney and Nickelodeon episodics. We have been blown away with the amount of confidence in Ryan by his agent and manager and he has been getting advice from different coaches, one who was at IMTA with Seattle Talent and others from LA to help him on self tape auditions from our Oregon home. He has even had a callback from a huge director for a feature film, has auditioned for a leading role in a movie with Gerard Butler and a recent audition on a feature film based on a Stephen King novel to be directed by Stephen King and Ron Howard and a few other big names. He is again this week self taping for 2 different and new Disney Episodics, a big Netflix series and a Dreamworks TV internet show. We together have learned quickly how to self tape from home and juggle school and life while trying to rehearse for big roles.

Our life has not totally changed but has become much busier and we love it but it's hard work too with many hour spent reading script sides and rehearsing everyday together and filming the scenes and then putting the scenes together in the tape with a title and submitting to our manager or coach for feedback and getting it off to the casting managers on time. Ryan and I will be spending two months in LA during February and March getting into the casting studios for live auditions if something doesn't happen sooner. Everyone has said that Ryan must be really lucky or talented to have such amazing script sides and lead roles sent to him daily/weekly and that our agent and manager must really believe in him.

We do feel so lucky and we feel that Seattle Talent and IMTA and his personality and hard work were the main contributors to his success so far. The manager and agent say it's not a matter of "if", it's a matter of when! We'd love it if you could get his picture up on the main IMTA page that he signed back in August with his agent and manager. Hopefully Ryan Zweers can be one of your IMTA alumni success stories in 2016 or in the future! Thanks again for a truly wonderful experience. We've already encouraged more families in our area to join Seattle Talent and continue forward to IMTA NY 2016 for an experience of a lifetime!
Thanks again! Krista and Ryan Zweers

Congratulations Ryan!  We are so proud of you!  Special thanks to Ms. Krista Zweers for taking the time to let us know about the IMTA experience from a parent's point of view!

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