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Friday, October 23, 2015

Great News for IMTA Alum Katie Leclerc!

IMTA Alum Katie Leclerc and her co-star Vanessa Marano

IMTA Alum Katie Leclerc's show Switched at Birth has been renewed for a fifth season!  The ABC Family award-winning drama features two young women who were accidentally switched as infants in the hospital after they were born.  Katie plays Daphne, a hearing-impaired college student, who would have been born into a world of wealth and privilege but instead grew up with a single Mom in a working -class neighborhood.

Katie competed at IMTA when she was fifteen where her talent, gorgeous face and appealing personality impressed many of the casting directors, agents and managers who were at IMTA scouting for new talent. Katie's mother Vicki Leclerc shared the following with us:
"It's all because of IMTA. Katie has been able to launch her career because of IMTA."  Katie said, "If you REALLY want a career in the entertainment industry IMTA can help put you in front of people that will make you connections but you have to make it happen."

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