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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Very Special Letter to One of Our IMTA Directors

One of our IMTA Directors received a very heartfelt and touching thank you after IMTA LA 2015.
Josie Anderson wrote the following letter to Teresa Pollman of IMD and Josie graciously allowed us to share it.  We are so proud of all of our IMTA directors for changing people's lives for the better and helping people believe in themselves.  Here are Josie's own words:

Teresa- Thank you so much for that one on one I got with you on Callback day, that meant the absolute world to me! You touched my heart so deeply, it almost made me cry. but I am so glad that you and Hollie have recognized my transition and transformation I have made... I feel so beautiful and confident than I have ever felt in my entire life.  My biological family never ever gave me that kind of pat on the back like you did. I have never had self esteem until I came to IMD, Emily guided me, and believed that I could change, and she encouraged me and helped me as well as all the rest of you. but in all honesty Teresa, just that one conversation and that hug, and that pat on the back and that great feedback was the nicest thing ANYONE has ever said to me. I cannot emphasize that to you enough. I finally feel like I am loved and that I do have a place in this world. All of you guys at IMD have grown on me in so many ways with all the love encouragement.

It has been above and beyond a honor to be able to attend IMTA, and makes me so incredibly proud to be with IMD. I believe I would have never gotten out of my depressed self hating person that I was if it was not for IMD! You guys have not only changed my self worth, my image, and made me a better more beautiful person all around, but you have made me realize that I am actually beautiful, that I am worthy, and that I do have talents that don't go unrecognized. IMTA was the absolutely most amazing thing I have ever experienced in my entire life. it gave me so much insight about the industry, and built self confidence. I feel like each of you are the mothers that I never ever had, to help me to develop as a women , with a better sense of style, and showing the best of me, and the best features I have. you guys have really changed my life forever and brought out the very best in me. I cannot express to you the love I feel from all of you. All of you have been nothing but positive and always there for me, to guide me in the right direction. I mean all of this from the very depths of my heart and my soul! I would love to get to know you better Teresa. I was in such shock and amazement with those words of love, encouragement, and kindness changed my life forever.

Thank you all for giving me a chance, believing in me, and for pushing me to be better all the way around. From clothes to eating, to exercise, I feel like so much more of a beautiful person then I ever have. you all have been the best influences I have had in my life. IMTA has also made me want to push harder and to work on being better and better. I would love to have the honor and pleasure again to go to IMTA again in the future.  I mean this from the bottom of my heart. before being with imd, I was a very sad, broken/ tortured soul that felt like I could never be great at anything, and had low self esteem and no self worth at all. you guys have changed all that for me, and have put me in the direction I should have been years ago. I can not thank you all enough. You have been the greatest blessings I have had in my life, and I am so thankful. I count my blessings each day and you guys are definitely one of the greatest gifts I have in my life, my IMD family.

I love you all so much. Thank you again for the honor and pleasure of IMTA and the honor of being represented by the greatest agency a person could have!

p.s. I don't think I have ever given anyone so much praise, but all of you never go unappreciated by me. You all work so hard for me, and everyone else, I don't think you get nearly enough praise. I want to stay signed with you guys forever!!!

Love you all. Have a very blessed day! Thank you again!

God bless,
Josie Anderson

Wow Josie! What a beautiful letter! We are all so proud of you and happy for you.  
Thanks for being part of IMTA LA 2015!

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