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Friday, December 05, 2014

Aire Sirvaitis - IMTA Insider Exclusive!

Aire Sirvaitis competed at IMTA in New York in 2013 with Pro-Model & Talent Management. She is our IMTA Insider and shares her experiences in an exclusive interview!

What are you up to right now?

Currently, I am pursuing my modeling and acting career in Los Angeles. I moved to LA, 3 months ago, after modeling in Bangkok, Thailand, for 2 months this past summer. Bangkok was certainly an exciting and unique adventure. Often, my taxi was the backseat of a motorcycle! I met models from every part of the world and I was busy from morning until night. Presently, I am signed with Wilhelmina Models in Los Angeles and with Al Onorato of Unified Management.

What have you been doing?

I had tons of modeling work in Bangkok, and, since my arrival to LA, I have been going to acting classes with Billy O’Leary, auditioning, and booking several projects. Sometimes, I even have 2-3 auditions a day! I was the lead in a film called “Monday, 3pm”, I am a recurring character on two web series, I was in a Nick Jonas music video, I’ve had various photo shoots, and I booked a role on a new TV series pilot, called “Dad Dudes”. I’ve also had numerous “big budget” auditions in the few months that I have been in LA.

What was IMTA like for you?

It was an AMAZING experience for me. I would not even be close to living my dream if it wasn’t for IMTA. I went to IMTA, New York City 2013, where I won a Talent of the Year award, received a $10,000 scholarship to the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts, and placed in the top ten for Sitcom, TV Beauty, TV Real People, and Screen Test. I also signed with Bellissima Model Management in NY and that is how I got to model in Thailand. I would be lying if I said IMTA wasn’t overwhelming, but it really opened my eyes and helped me grasp a better understanding of the industry and how it works.

What did coming to IMTA do for your career?

IMTA opened new doors for endless possibilities in my career. It was a giant stepping-stone to the national and international market for me. It is nearly impossible to succeed in the entertainment industry without representation, and IMTA is the best source of agents and managers who are looking for new talent. After leaving New York City, I knew that this is the career I was meant to pursue.

How did PMTM help you?

I was impressed with the attention to detail and thoroughness provided by the staff. Each one of them provided me with his or her undivided attention and their very individual and unique perspective. I appreciate every effort that the Pro-Model and Talent staff has put into this journey to make us the contestants feel comfortable and prepared for the competition awaiting us. I felt well prepared psychologically, appearance-wise and procedure-wise.

Thank you Aire for a wonderful IMTA Insider guest feature!  
We really enjoyed hearing about your life as an actor and model! 

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Alexandria Nicole Moses said...

Hey Aire, long time no talk. I am happy to see your pursuing your Dream, and I'm very proud of you. Came a long way since we met in Modeling School. CONGRATULATIONS Baby Girl.