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Friday, November 28, 2014

Spencer Tomich - IMTA Insider Exclusive Q&A !

IMTA Alum Spencer Tomich is our IMTA Insider!  Spencer competed at IMTA in January 2014 and was awarded IMTA Male Pre-Teen Actor of the Year!

What Are You Up To Right Now?

Keeping my grades up and getting prepared to head back to LA for Pilot Season!  I am so looking forward to get back to LA!  I just had a couple of really fun auditions for a few pilots & feature films that I’m excited about.

What Have You Been Doing?

The past several months have been great for me.  I just finished a theatrical production of SHERLOCK HOLMES that was so much fun and I have been doing a lot of auditions.  Last time I was in LA I filmed a commercial that was really fun to shoot!  I can’t wait for it to be released, and I wish I could say more but I’ll share details as soon as I can!  I recently wrapped filming of an independent feature film and that was such an amazing experience!

What Was IMTA Like For You?

The Best Time Ever!  It was so much fun!  I loved all of the competitions and meeting so many people in the industry. Everyone was so nice and I really learned a lot.  It was great to have chances for one on one time with casting directors, acting coaches, and agents during down times of competitions.  And the call backs were so exciting!  Getting to meet so many agents & managers and hear what they thought about me and my performances was really cool.

What Did Coming To IMTA Do For Your Career?

Wow it did everything!  Being at IMTA definitely made me realize even more that being an actor & being around creative people is what I want to do!  IMTA opened so many doors for me and I met & signed with the most AWESOME Manager Ever, Fernando Buitrago from Zero Gravity Management AND to make “Team Spencer” complete I signed with the BEST Agents Ever…Clear Talent Group Young People Division!  Jody, Philip and Bonnie are the BEST!  It’s awesome having so many people believing in you and I would not have that without having been to IMTA.

How Did Markson Dawe Talent Help You?
Mary Dawe is one of the most amazing ladies!  She helped me so much!  I owe a lot to her!  She coached me and believed in me so much!  She taught me not just about acting and auditioning but also about being true to who I am and being kind and respectful and happy for others success.  She believed in me from my very first class and gave me the confidence to work hard and when things went really, really good for me on awards night it was so awesome having my Mom AND Mary by my side.  I will never forget her!

Thank you Spencer for a wonderful IMTA Insider guest feature!  We really enjoyed hearing about your life as an actor!   For more on Spencer, please follow his official facebook page.

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