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Thursday, November 20, 2014

IMTA Insider - Isabella Jiang in the Spotlight!

IMTA Alum Isabella Jiang competed at IMTA in New York in July with Pro-Model & Talent Management.  She is our IMTA Insider and shares her experiences in an exclusive interview!

What are you up to right now: Living my dream? yes!... I moved to NYC right after IMTA 2014 NY, and right now really still adventuring the wonderful NYC while working hard. I want to say that I feel really happy and lucky because I'm enjoying my life right now as a performer both in modeling and acting, and it all happened right after I attended IMTA this year.

What have you been doing: Constant testing, training and casting... I took part of this past 2014 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week here in New York a couple of weeks right after IMTA, and among the runway shows that I walked, I felt so lucky to be able to walk a Lincoln Center show for my first season as a new model. And then after the fashion week, I have just been featured on more than one of the most famous websites and magazines in China, I have just walked for United Color of Fashion 2014 and many other fashions shows here in NYC since, and its been busy but great for me...

What was IMTA like for you: It was "overwhelming", haha... Yes it was "overwhelming" in a good way, there were beautiful young performers and big agencies from all over the world, it was such a busy week that I literally felt like I was running in heels all the time... There were these meetings and seminars and competitions... I got chances to meet and speak to so many agencies from all over the world in one day on the call back day. IMTA was a great experience for me, it sure opened up doors for me towards my career and my dream, and I made so many friends from all around the world and I think that's really amazing, I learned so much both in my career and my life...

What did coming to IMTA do for your career: I felt like IMTA was the express train that took me from just-a-dreamer to a-dream-maker, nonstop... IMTA definitely plays a very important role in  my career and it has led me to my dream come true...

How did PMTM helped you: PMTM helped me like a "mother"... the people who work in PMTM are so nice and welcoming, not "nice" like always just tell you what you want to hear but they let you know what you need to to know, to improve on in order to start and build your own career. I've seen and met many many actors and actresses and models from PMTM living their life and living their dream really just because they worked so hard and they are so talented but also because they were with PMTM... PMTM also has a very strong network among us which Mary and Katie call  "our own support group", all of the old and new IMTA alums are connected with each other to help each other out and to share experiences.

Thank you Isabella for a wonderful look into your life as a model 
and your experiences with IMTA!

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