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Thursday, November 06, 2014

IMTA Insider - Hana Lynn Allen In the Spotlight!

Hana Lynn Allen will appear on Snapped:  Killer Couples airing Sunday, November 9th at 9pm on the Oxygen Network.   Hana is our IMTA Insider and shares her IMTA experience!

IMTA: What are you up to right now?

Hana: Currently I am pregnant with our 2nd child! It has not slowed me down one bit though. I just recently did a commercial for a national bank. It was freezing on the rooftop we shot on since it is November now after all! I am still modeling & acting, and being submitted to several projects. I assist with Knoxville Fashion Week (a wonderful & fun event for all) and Chattanooga Fashion Week. It's always lots of work, but well worth it in the end! I am also a modeling coach to those wanting to start their own modeling career, just as I did when I was 14 years old!

IMTA: What have you been up to?

Hana: Well, when I started out I was only really modeling. You know, traveling all over the world from Paris to Milan to LA to New York... Well you get the point. I traveled a lot! I still do enjoy traveling for work, but have slowed down on that just a little. Then, I got married to my high school sweetheart and my well known name of Hana Lively turned into Mrs. Allen. Obviously, people know me for both names now! I have done shoots for a lingerie Company, jewelry designers, swimwear, even hair modeling, and of course runway shows. I have ventured more into acting, as well as continuing to model, and so far so good. I HOPE that my acting career will take off as well as my modeling career did, and last just as long. Speaking of my acting career, have you ever watched the Oxygen network? Well, there is this show called Snapped: Killer Couples. They reenact REAL crimes that have happened in the past, and guess what?! I did one of those neat episodes, and acted as the leading character. My episode actually airs on Sunday, November the 9th at 9pm EST. It is episode number 407.

IMTA: What was IMTA like for you?

Hana: It was such a wonderful & exciting experience. There is nothing like it. You get to meet all of these different agencies from all over the world! Who wouldn't want to do that? I ended up signing with a private manager to start out with, which worked out great for me. I strictly went for modeling. I did win the makeup contest portion. Guess I'm really good at makeup, right?!

IMTA: What did IMTA do for your career?

Hana: It opened up many possible doors. Many of those agents that attended the convention actually remembered me over the years! If you have what it takes & stand out in the industry, people WILL remember you for years to come! I had several ask me why I didn't sign with them? I just say well I'm doing work with you now right when I'm even better! Of course, we just laugh and agree. I feel if you have the self confidence, strength, and courage to put yourself out there, you'll do well. IMTA taught me to do those things, and to NEVER give up (even when the roads weren't so smooth).

I'm also signed with Gage Models in Knoxville, TN & I work with other big agencies depending on where I'm at.

Thank you Hana for this wonderful interview!  We can't wait to see you on Snapped:  Killer Couples on Sunday!

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