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Monday, November 17, 2014

IMTA Insider - Emilie Waters In the Spotlight!

IMTA Alum Emilie Waters competed at IMTA in New York in July with Pro-Model & Talent Management.  She is our IMTA Insider and shares her experiences in an exclusive interview!

What are you up to right now?  I've been in LA since the end of August and I went to IMTA NYC in July.  I am loving all of the opportunities in LA, and Pro-Model and Talent is still helping me along through all of the many decisions that my mom and I have to make.  Although I am loving LA, I just have to go home to Ohio for the holidays.  Since I arrived in LA, I have signed with LA Models, LA Talent, and Dreamscope Entertainment.  I just love all of them to death and we will be together for the long run.

What have you been doing?  As far as acting goes, I have been on Theatrical and Commercial auditions.  I have gotten callbacks and avails.  Avails are just the stage before you book the commercial, film, or TV show.  I am actually on avail for a commercial right now.  I can’t say what it is, but I am super pumped to see if casting wants to book me!  I have studied Improv at the Groundlings, Scene Study with Simply Acting, and commercial techniques with Jan and Jon.  With modeling, I have done numerous test shoots and castings.  I have booked Teen Prom Magazine, ATV Halloween, Industry Magazine, and an internal marketing job for Spoke and Weal.  I have had a ton of awesome times in LA, and I hope the contestants for future IMTAs will have the same experience.

What was IMTA like for you?  IMTA was the best experience of my life.  I was entered in 13 competitions, both modeling and acting.  As for callback day, I got 41 callbacks.  I was so uber ecstatic that I got interest from that many agents, managers, photographers, and casting directors!  I went to the fashion show casting and made it into the callback!  Also, on awards night I placed third in the Jeans competition, placed in Junior Model of the year, placed in Junior Actress of the year, placed top ten in nine out of thirteen of my competitions, and I won the dance competition!  After IMTA, I was asked to stay in NYC an extra day by multiple modeling agencies to meet with them at their offices.  I met with IMG Worldwide, Wilhelmina, and Elite.  I signed with IMG Worldwide!!!!! They are the BIGGEST fashion modeling agency in the world in all markets!!!  It is such an honor being signed with them, I love them to death.  To sum IMTA up in words is not possible.  It is the best experience that you will have in your entire life time.

What did coming to IMTA do for your career?  Going to IMTA, I felt like I had one step up from my competition that didn’t go to IMTA.  It really is the opportunity of a lifetime. After a ton of hard work and dedication, IMTA was life changing for me and it can be for you too!  Even if I had happened to get no callbacks, I would’ve still cherished that week of life changing memories.  I am where I am now because of IMTA, and I would still be in Ohio doing nothing if it wasn’t for PMTM and IMTA.  I had and have so much support regarding my acting and modeling careers.  Again for the hundredth time, I LOVED IMTA!!!

Thank you so much Emilie for being the IMTA Insider!  
We loved reading your thoughts and experiences and can't wait to see what you accomplish in LA!

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