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Monday, November 03, 2014

IMTA Insider - Duncan Anderson In the Spotlight

IMTA Alum Duncan Anderson is our IMTA Insider guest post!  Duncan competed at IMTA NY 2013 with Pro-Model & Talent Management.  Duncan shares his IMTA and PMTM experiences in a very inspiring Q&A.

What are you up to right now?
Right now I am living my dream—auditioning, training, making tons of friends, and enjoying the California lifestyle! I am living in Los Angeles with my parents and two younger brothers. After a successful pilot season, my parents decided to move our family permanently to California. We all love it here—it was definitely the right move for us. I am currently a sophomore in high school. The California vibe is so progressive and tolerant. I love the diversity here—anything goes! Thanks to IMTA and PMTM, the extreme bullying I experienced in Ohio is nothing but a distant memory.

What have you been doing?
Sometimes I have 3 or 4 auditions a week. I have auditioned for lead roles in more than a dozen Disney and Nickelodeon pilots. My call back rate is nearly 40%, and I have even made it to a couple of producer session callbacks. I had a TON of fun filming a national commercial for Nerf Supersoaker. I was painted (it took 6 hours to paint me!) to blend into a stone house and a green door. It looks amazing on camera!  I actually got paid to run around with a squirt gun and have a blast! My favorite auditions are for feature films. I’ve had the honor to try out for lead (or supporting lead) roles in 9 “big budget” feature films. That is so much more than I expected to accomplish during my very first year in the business!

In addition to auditioning, I continue my training here in LA. I go to 2 or 3 classes a week. I enjoy both commercial and theatrical classes and recently started Voiceover training. I attend Casting Workshops whenever possible and audit extra classes to learn other techniques. Ongoing training is so important.
What was IMTA like for you?
I know it sounds trite, but IMTA literally changed my life. Prior to IMTA I was living in Ohio and was the target of severe bullying. I arrived in New York with bruised self esteem and minimal confidence. I left New York with 23 callbacks, a manager, an agent, seven awards, a scholarship, and a brighter future than I could ever have imagined. What a difference one week can make in a kid’s life!

What did coming to IMTA do for your career?
IMTA skyrocketed me from a kid with zero access to Hollywood heavy-hitters right into offices of Hollywood’s most powerful casting directors. One week after IMTA I auditioned for my first Nickelodeon pilot. If people think they can do that on their own—good luck! IMTA is the real deal. I still run into managers and agents around town that remember me from IMTA.  For me, it was a springboard straight into the national market.

How did PMTM and IMTA help you with your confidence?
I credit the staff at PMTM with all of my success. They saw something in me. They were moved by my personal story and invested their time and energy to not only help me heal, but to blossom beyond my wildest dreams. They allowed me to believe in myself. Not only are they kind and supportive, but they know their stuff!

The following is an absolute true story--When I registered for IMTA I originally signed up strictly for theatrical competitions. When the PMTM staff took at look at my photo shoot, they told me I HAD to register for some of the modeling competitions. As I was primarily interested in acting, it seemed like overkill to enroll in modeling competitions. PMTM staff was adamant that I add the modeling competitions to my registration. Well, their instincts were right on—I ended up winning first place for both the Headshot and Commercial Print categories!  PMTM rocks!

Thank you very much Duncan for sharing your story!  
We are so excited for you and can't wait to see what is next for your career!  

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