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Tuesday, July 01, 2014

IMTA Alum Brandon Routh in 400 Days!

IMTA Alum Brandon Routh is starring in the new feature film 400 Days! It's a sci-fi thriller and Brandon Routh and Dane Cook are the leads.  According to Screen Daily, it's the "story of astronauts on a simulated voyage to a distant planet designed to test psychological effects of deep space travel. When the crew’s mental state begins to deteriorate they are forced to escape the vessel and learn they may not be in a simulation after all." 400 Days will be released in 2015.

Brandon Routh competed at IMTA during the New York, New York 1999 Convention. He was on the IMTA stage for Swimwear, Team Fashion, Runway and in acting competitions. IMTA insider scoop...he was known as BJ Routh then!

Brandon had been scouted by Patrick Baca, who encouraged him to compete at IMTA. Brandon got lots of face time with the agents, managers and casting directors and ended up moving to Los Angeles. He signed with Mara Santino and Ryan Daly who both were at Kazarian/Spencer & Associates at that time. Routh was chosen for the role of Superman following an exhaustive search that spanned the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. Thousands of candidates were interviewed before the final selection was made.

Congratulations Brandon.  We can't wait to see 400 Days!

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