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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Amazing Nine-Year-Old Contestant Geordie!

A nine-year-old future IMTA L.A. 2014 Contestant has accomplished something truly amazing! Geordie Ravara raised the full amount of her IMTA trip through her own fundraising efforts! Geordie will be competing at IMTA with SLC Talent Factory.

Here is the story, as told by her mom, Dorie:

"If I had to describe Geordie in one word, it would be go-getter.
Geordie just proved to George and me that ANYthing is possible.
* * *We are in complete awe.* * *

She has done what I believe to be completely and utterly unimaginable for a 9-year-old girl. She reached her goal of raising," all her IMTA money ,"in one day shy of 2 months! She had her heart set on going to IMTA when she got scouted, but we didn't have the money to get her there. Geordie took it upon herself to raise the money by selling magnets and making 20-30 sometimes up to 70 phone calls a day. Out of all those calls, she would talk to maybe 2 or 3 people, if even that. She was hung up on, told she called the wrong number, got suddenly disconnected while talking, or consistently got voice mails. As it got closer to Thanksgiving, she got more and more no-answers. I could tell she was getting frustrated and discouraged, but she never admitted it, nor did she stop trying. She just kept doing.

Then one night I could hear her talking on the phone. She was on for about 15 minutes, and then she comes to me jumping up and down. "Oh my Gosh! Oh my Gosh! I can't believe it Mommy! I got the rest! I don't think I could ever wipe this smile off my face!"

She did it! She was floating on cloud 9!

To her Anonymous Donor, thank you with all our hearts. Your generosity will always be remembered dearly. You have blessed her just when she was becoming discouraged and when she felt time was running out. You gave her hope. Without a doubt, you have touched her life in a very special unforgettable way. One day, her dream will become reality and she will be able to touch other lives as you have just taught her.. Thank you.

To all the 83 supporters who together have "fully funded" Geordie's IMTA experience, "THANK YOU!" You did not just give Geordie monetary support, you gave her the push she needed to keep going, encouragement to achieve her dream, confidence in her abilities, and complete and utter joy of achieving an unforgettable milestone in her career. You see, this was not just a fundraising project for her. It was a complete learning experience in Business, Marketing, Finance, and most especially, in life. She learned how to speak to and deal with others and how to market herself. She began to visualize the importance of priorities. Geordie also learned how to tithe and how to help others, no matter how busy her schedule was. Through this experience we opened her own checking account and applied for her first official California Identification card. She was the one making the deposits, paying her IMTA fees as well as the costs for the photos, thank you cards, and postage, that were sent (or are being sent) to you. She sees the money go in and out of her account, and realizes the value of money. She went through days where she had a full day at school and an hour or two of Singing, Dance, or acting class and still made calls even though she was tired. She wanted to talk to at least one person a day. The goal was to raise enough money every two weeks to be able to cover the payment plan. Amazingly, the first 4 weeks, she did just that! But the following weeks were getting closer to the holidays and then there was Typhoon Haiyan. How could she ask for money when others needed it more? Instead of making calls during that week, she decided to give a portion of the money she raised to the relief effort for Haiyan and to church.

We truly believe this experience, this challenge, this milestone, has left an imprint in her heart and mind that will always be remembered. It will propel her towards her dream and give her the confidence to know that anything is possible if you work hard and give it your all.

We thank God for all His blessings. He has provided Geordie and our family with much more than what we could ever have imagined!

Any additional funds she receives from now on, will go towards the additional competitions at IMTA or lessons that were not included in the basic package.

Geordie has been working super hard on her Journey to IMTA and now looks forward to continuing the learning process and enjoying every moment of it without any more thought of raising money because of all of you! You came to help make it reality! We are so blessed by all of you and cannot thank you enough!"

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