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Monday, July 15, 2013

IMTA Alum Josh Duhamel Checks You Out!

IMTA Alum Josh Duhamel had some fun recently for Diet Pepsi checking people out at the register at the grocery store! The surprised shoppers were thrilled to interact with Josh.  Josh Duhamel was the IMTA New York 1997 Male Model of the Year, narrowly beating Ashton Kutcher for the title (Ashton won the title of Most Sought After Male Model that year).

Sounds like Josh had fun at the Diet Pepsi shoot too.  According to Stars Entertainment, he said, "I had a blast ‘checking out’ Diet Pepsi fans at the cash register, it was like hosting my own candid camera!" Duhamel joked. "Seeing the surprised reactions in real-time was really fun and I hope we gave a lot of shoppers a great story to tell their friends and family."

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