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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

IMTA Alum Katie Holmes Named Face of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics!

IMTA alum Katie Holmes has exciting news!  According to The Hollywood Reporter, "The actress/designer will be the brand’s first muse and collaborator. She will appear in a new ad campaign launching next spring. Next fall, Holmes' name will appear on a capsule collection of cosmetics.
Holmes is certainly taking the fashion and beauty world by storm. She presented Carolina Herrera with Designer of the Year Award last night at the 9th Annual Style Awards in NYC. And her first formal Holmes and Yang presentation during New York Fashion Week takes place next Wednesday, right before Michael Kors' runway extravanganza."

Katie certainly has many talents!  She first showcased her potential at IMTA in 1993 & 1995!  Katie competed in many IMTA modeling and acting competitions and she even made it as a finalist for the IMTA Talent Showcase where she danced!  Katie wrote us a very sweet letter that you can read right here on THAT IMTA BLOG!

From the IMTA Archives:
IMTA Spotlights...
Feature Film and Television Star
Katie Holmes...

Katie Holmes attended the IMTA New York Convention in July '95. She signed with Onorato/Guillod Entertainment and was cast in the Ang Lee feature film, Ice Storm with Kevin Kline, Sigourney Weaver and IMTA discovery Elijah Woods, which is slated for a summer release. Katie has recently been cast in the lead role in a new television series "Dawson's Creek" which will air this fall. We have just received the following letter from her and felt it was so incredible that we wanted to share it.

"For years I have spent some time sitting in front of the television from 7:00 p.m. until 7:30 p.m. listening intently to John Tesh and Mary Hart inform me about which star was filming what new movie, who was dating who, and who was the rising new actor or actress. Hollywood and its numerous success stories seemed extremely far away and definitely from a world that I would never come into contact with.

On July 23, 1995 my life changed. This particular Sunday, evening, I found myself in the New York Hilton for the International Modeling and Talent Association convention. I was sitting in one of the ballrooms reciting a monologue in front of about 50 other contestants, as well as Al Onorato, David Guillod and Bobby Moresco, the men who were conducting this seminar on "Prepare to Compete". After I had finished, Al and Bobby offered some direction and had me alter it a little. I used my nervous anxiety to help me become more intense and, following my second performance, I felt elated. It was clear to me that something very special occurred in that ballroom that evening.

About six months later, I found myself in the Los Angeles office of Al Onorato, rehearsing and audition piece for the Ang Lee film, The Ice Storm. David, Al and Bobby had become my business managers following that memorable convention and encouraged me to audition in Los Angeles during the 6-week pilot season. Instead of viewing Hollywood on my T.V., I was there. Being in that untouchable world, experiencing the life of a beginning actress, was surreal. Suddenly this strange path of life seemed so normal. I love it.

My experience grew even more unbelievable. On May 21, 1996 I found myself in a trailer on Park Avenue in New York City, getting my hair and make-up done in order to transform myself into a teenager from 1973. I was anxiously waiting to begin filming The Ice Storm. Suddenly, I was part of Hollywood. I was then inside the walls of the business instead of remaining a curious outsider gazing in, struggling to discover what exactly takes place on the inside. I found myself chatting with actors whom I had read about for several years. After receiving directions by the highly acclaimed Hollywood director, Ang Lee, and talking to Kevin Kline for a substantial amount of time, it was time to begin becoming a professional actress.

My rather eventful and definitely memorable year provided me with such valuable life-long lessons that will forever remain a part of me. Fortunately, I was able to work with extremely focused, conscientious people who are completely unconcerned with the Hollywood myth. They work hard at their jobs and then retreat home to their families. I discovered that the Hollywood portrayed on Entertainment Tonight of exciting parties, premieres, galas, etc. is a distortion. The Hollywood I came into contact with is one of extremely talented people who spend their time participating in acting workshops, auditions, films, etc. in order to perfect their craft. The highly respected actors and directors are solely concerned with their work and concentrate on ways to improve. Although "Tinsletown" continues to be a mystery to all and several have benefited from the fortunate fate that seems to occur only in Hollywood, it remains to be true that even in Hollywood, those who diligently work hard are the people who achieve true and long-lasting success."

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