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Monday, June 04, 2012

IMTA Press Release- Greater Glory Eva Longoria!

IMTA Press Release
May 31, 2012, 2012
For Greater Glory opens nationwide in the U.S. on Friday, June 1

For centuries, wars all around the world have been fought because of religious persecution. In Mexico in the 1920s, one such war took place after the Catholic Church was outlawed, Catholic churches, schools, seminaries and convents were shut down, and Catholics faced unrelenting oppression. Rebels against the government crackdown—known as Cristeros—at first resisted peacefully, but were eventually forced to take up arms in what became a full-blown revolutionary uprising against the government. La Cristiada, as the Cristero War was known in Mexico, lasted for three years and claimed nearly 90,000 lives until it was ended by diplomatic means.
With the true events of La Cristiada as the background, the story of one particular
group of the Cristeros who risk everything for their faith comes to life in the action epic For Greater Glory. The film stars Andy Garcia as General Gorostieta, a retired military man who becomes the resistance’s leader facing impossible odds against a ruthless government, and LA98 IMTA alum Eva Longoria as his devoted wife, Tulita. “The government tried to outlaw religion, priests were hung,” said Longoria. “It was a terrible time in Mexican history.” Peter O’Toole, Oscar Isaac, Ruben Blades, Bruce
Greenwood, Nestor Carbonell and Bruce McGill also star in the film, which premiered in Mexico on April 20 to excellent reviews.
With “Desperate Housewives” now ended, Longoria is concentrating on several
upcoming feature film projects. Following the opening of For Greater Gloryanother film scheduled for release in August of this year is The Baytown Disco, an action crime comedy in which she stars opposite Billy Bob Thornton as a woman trying to save her son from his abusive father. In the film, she recruits three redneck brothers to help her, but they all become targets on the run from an odd cast of characters Thornton has hired to do his dirty work, one of which is fellow IMTA alum Agnes Bruckner (LA95) in the role of Mona.
Longoria teams up with Andy Garcia again in The Truth, an action thriller about a former CIA operative-turned-politician talk show host who is hired by a corporate whistleblower to expose her company’s cover up of massacre in a South American village. The film, which was filmed in Ontario, Canada and the Dominican Republic, is tentatively scheduled for a 2012 release but has no specific date set.
Also in the works is Long Time Gone, a drama about a broken family that must cope when a man leaves his wife for another woman. Longoria stars alongside Anthony LaPaglia, Virginia Madsen, Amanda Crew, Zach Guilford and fellow IMTA alum Graham Rogers (NY09). The film is in post- production with no release date scheduled.

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