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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

IMTA Alum Seann William Scott in American Reunion!

Please enjoy this very special Press Release from IMTA:

Star revels in the joy of returning to his breakout role

IMTA Press Release

American Reunion opened nationwide Friday, April 6

“[My fiancĂ© Lindsay] hadn’t seen American Pie, thank god. Otherwise, I probably wouldn’t be engaged.” – Seann William Scott

IMTA alum Seann William Scott (LA 95) is okay with the fact that he will always be known as the sex- starved Steve Stifler in the American Pie film franchise for a couple of reasons: audiences love the character, and Scott loves playing Stifler. “I know when I decided to do American Pie Reunion, it was like, ‘Ok, let’s come to terms with the fact that I’m going to be forever known as this guy.’ You have to embrace it,” said Scott. “It's so much more fun now as well, because my sense of humor has changed I'm weirder and a little bit more bold. What a fantastic character, to see this guy in his 30s, doing things that other 30-year-olds really don't want to see, but maybe they want to do.”

In American Reunion, the fourth installment in the hugely successful American Pie series that launched his career, Scott plays an older but none-the-wiser Stifler. “Stifler's the person who hasn't changed, but the world around him has changed. He can’t deal with it; he's still living in the high school world. That is definitely fun to play,” Scott explained. “I don’t know why people like the character so much, at least in the first two films. Maybe it’s because he gets to say the things that we want to say, but if we do say them, we get into trouble.”

With all of the original American Pie cast members returning to their roles, American Reunion has lost none of the raunchy humor and appeal that made the first three films into huge hits. “The amazing thing was that at the table read when we all got together and read the script for the first time, I hadn’t seen a lot of people for 10 years, and I could tell that everybody was in such a good place,” said Scott. “All the characteristics that we loved in each other were all there, but more grown up. It made the experience even more fun because there was just more substance to the conversations we were having.”

Clearly Scott, who was also an Executive Producer on the film, had a great time making Reunion. “I like this movie so much, and I hope we have that situation where this movie is well-received and people dig it as much as we like it. And then, who knows? I’m at a point now, as much as there are all sorts of roles I want to do, having this much fun with these guys means more to me now, as an actor, and more than anything. I’d be happy to do this, as long as it lasts, because I have so much fun.”


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