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Friday, October 28, 2011

IMTA Exclusive Q&A with Katie Leclerc!

IMTA had the exclusive opportunity to ask Katie Leclerc about her role on the hit show Switched at Birth, her acting career and her experience at IMTA!

What is your favorite part of starring in ABC Family's Switched at Birth?
Katie: The wonderful people I get to work with. We work long hours and it’s good that everyone is fun and supportive of each other.

How is portraying the role of Daphne unique?
Katie: I have never been so challenged in playing a role. I have to remember my lines, hit my mark, speak in English, speak in American Sign Language, and use an accent. It’s all worth it and I get to watch Constance who learned sign language for the show perform with fluidity like she's known it for years. We have a very talented set!

Who is your acting inspiration?
Katie: I'm loving what Joseph Gordon-Levitt is doing.

How did participating at IMTA help you launch your career?
Katie: I got my first Manager from participating in IMTA. I learned a lot from her and will never forget the experiences I had.

How old were you when you competed at IMTA and what kind of experience what it for you?
Katie: I was 15 and went into it thinking that I could come out with a jump on the competition. There are a lot of actors in LA and the more you train and discipline yourself in your craft the better off you'll be. More importantly though I went to have fun. My mom got to come with me and together we experienced New York! After passing out headshots in the lobby we would grab a hot dog on the street on our way to a theatre. It's about living in the moment and making the best from what you have.

What is one thing about you most people don't know?
Katie: I hate mustard. Haha

What advice for future IMTA Contestants?
Katie: IMTA can be a launch pad for you or it can be a vacation for you. I got the best advice I've ever received right before going into my first competition. My dad said "define the moment, don't let the moment define you." If you REALLY want a career in the entertainment industry IMTA can help put you in front of people that will make you connections but you have to make it happen.
At the age of 15, Katie attended an IMTA Convention in New York where she met her manager who helped launch her acting career. Katie first landed a role on Veronica Mars before guest starring on The Riches, The Ex List, The Big Bang Theory and The Hard Time of RJ Berger. Katie also starred in the movies Flying By and The Inner Circle. Alongside her role as Daphne on ABC Family's Switched at Birth, Katie is also currently in post-production of the films Seven Lanterns and The Ones.
Photo credits: Dedrah Faday

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