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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Brandon Routh to film Missing William

Brandon Routh IMTA alum from 1999 is set to star in the indie film Missing William. According to The Wrap in Missing William: "Courtney Ford (Brandon's real life wife) will play an artist living in Rhode Island who is forced to care for her husband after he's tragically injured in a bar fight. As she attempts to nurse him back to health, her childhood sweetheart and unrequited love (Routh) tries to coax her back into living her life again. A complicated love triangle ensues, with the woman torn between the brain-damaged husband she loves and the hunky former flame who got away." Brandon's film Dylan Dog: Dead of Night is set for international release on October 26. Brandon competed at IMTA during the New York, New York 1999 Convention. IMTA insider scoop-he was known as BJ Routh then! Brandon got lots of face time with the agents, managers and casting directors and ended up moving to Los Angeles. He signed with Mara Santino and Ryan Daly who were with Kazarian/Spencer & Associates at that time. Brandon was chosen for the role of Superman following an exhaustive search that spanned the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia.

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Anonymous said...

Brandon Routh has chosen an interesting variety of work. He's a nice-looking guy and a capable actor, as well. I look forward to seeing more of his films, especially "Missing William."