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Monday, August 16, 2010

Zhanna on Project Runway!

Check out these amazing shots of IMTA alum and top model Zhanna! Last week. at our yearly IMTA event in New York City, Zhanna shared with us that she is appearing on the new season of Project Runway! Zhanna shared some great information with us at IMTA when we last inteviewed her:
IMTA: Please describe your IMTA experience...

Zhanna: In one phrase, that actually is quoted to this day at every IMTA convention: "It's the place to go, to make your dreams come true in the industry...

IMTA: What are your best tips for success for someone who wants to be a model?

Zhanna: Do not lose focus of what is important, modeling is a tough job, never the less very rewarding. The travel, the social life, the perks can go to your head and you can lose focus of why you started to model in the first place, I can not even say how many models I have met through out my career that have been dropped by their agencies because of bad conduct and not doing their job. Stay healthy, eat healthy and always stay close to your family one way or the other, that always keeps your feet on the ground makes you want to do better as a model.

IMTA: What did you learn at IMTA that helps you in your career?

Zhanna: EVERYTHING, How to walk, how to pose, how to talk to clients, how to portray myself as a professional model and as a professional woman.

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