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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ashton Kutcher Speaks at Russian Technology Event!

The Russian Technology Development conference is currently taking place in Moscow, where Ashton Kutcher is a featured speaker about the powerful use of social networking. With over 4.5 million twitter followers himself, Ashton discussed the importance and influence of twitter and other social networking sites. During a seminar, Ashton told the audience "... the power of the social web, which is to say you don't have to be a celebrity or sit on a podium to have a community that you can build, run an idea, a thought, a piece of leadership." Ashton also said, “Technology’s really the platform where the borders and languages and governments have all come down. When you’re online you don’t care that somebody’s from here or there or whatever it is if you share interests and desires you connect with people.” Ashton was recruited by America's State Department to join the delegation headed to Russia to strengthen the global web and ties to the U.S.

Ashton Kutcher competed at IMTA in 1997 where he won the coveted title of Most Sought After Male Model! He signed with Next Models and went straight to the runways for New York's Fashion week! He then was cast in an upcoming Fox comedy called Teenage Wasteland, the title was later changed to That 70's Show and Ashton was cast as the lovable Kelso! From there he's become an A-list star with movies such as What Happens in Vegas, Spread and the recent weekend box office hit Valentine's Day!

You can see an international news story about the Conference right here on THAT IMTA BLOG:

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