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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

IMTA Alum Sibylla Deen on Gossip Girl!!

IMTA alum Sibylla Deen is the new face on the very popular CW's TV show Gossip Girl. Sibylla who is from Australia won just Actress of the Year at IMTA this July in New York City!!! After competing she booked a three episode arc in season three of Gossip Girl. The storyline is about her character moving to New York and running into the show's BMOC (big man on campus) Chuck Bass. In an interview with Pedestrian Sibylla shared the following:

P: Can you tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do?

SD: My name is Sibylla Jane Deen, Actress, day dreamer, Scorpio. I was born and bred in Sydney but I now reside in New York.

P: How did you find your way into acting? Onto the GG cast?

SD: My way was simple, I've danced, acted and sung since I was tiny... it developed into more formal training as I grew older and has just continued on throughout my life. I recently won Actress of the Year at IMTA (International Model and Talent Association) which helped launched my career in the states.

P: Are you still modeling/have you been working over New York Fashion Week?

SD: Yes still modeling, in the sense of editorial, commercials and print. But no fashion week for me, I’m a teeny tiny 5'6". I went to lots of great shows and parties though... The city was so buzzed!

P: What do you miss most about Australia?

SD: Mummy and Daddy, my beautiful friends, Mr Stuzicini, banana bread, mint slice, barbecue shapes... the perfect skim cappuccino. The beach, the great weather... Koko ha ha ha

P: What are the main differences between Australia and America?

SD: America has more people, more opportunities and better junk food. Ummm s'mores, need I say anymore? For an actress it is the center of the universe - best production companies, directors, studios etc...Australia is home, it is beautiful and so calming. I have been given some amazing breaks there and believe the training we have available for actors and our general nature makes us stand out! Everyone loves an Aussie.

P: Which Gossip Girl Character are you most like?

SD: Ummm, maybe Serena.

P: Have you ever been the target of “Gossip Girls”?

SD: Hell yeah! I went to a private girls school.

P: What’s the worst or weirdest gossip you’ve heard about yourself?

SD: That I am adopted, it was heartbreaking – I was 5.

P: What are your future plans with acting - Any projects coming up?

SD: Future plans include : movies, tv, commercials, more training... I'm auditioning for lots of things so fingers crossed for the next great opportunity.

P: What is it like working with the Gossip Girl cast? Were you star struck?

SD: I haven't shot my scenes yet, but I cant wait to meet Chuck Bass... ha ha ha

P: Can you tell us a little bit about your character – is she like you in any way?

SD: She loves fashion, so we're alike in that sense. But i'd say our morals are very different.

Keep you eyes open for Sibylla on Gossip Girl!

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