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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

IMTA actor Elijah Wood joins the cast of The Experiment!

MTV Movies Blog reports that Elijah Wood will join the Oscar-Winning cast of The Experiment!
IMTA Elijah Wood joins Adrien Brody, Forest Whitaker and Cam Gigandet in the remake of acclaimed 2001 German film.

Elijah got his start at IMTA in 1989 when he caught the eye of the famed superagent Al Onorato. He moved from Cedar Rapids, Iowa to Los Angeles and booked his first roles in Paula Abdul's memorable video Straight Up and the feature film Back to the Future Part II. Elijah has starred in over 40 feature films in his career and is one of Hollywood's (and IMTA's!) most-loved actors!

IMTA INSIDER SCOOP: We'll never forget Elijah's performance during the Talent Showcase when he forgot a few of the words to the song he was singing, Don't Worry Be Happy. He did an impromptu duet with our emcee Russ Fega that had the whole crowd rooting for him. The entire Talent Showcase audience was charmed by his ability to recover. Elijah's song got a huge round of applause!

Here's the scoop on his latest feature film according to the MTV Movies Blog: The Experiment will be directed by Paul Scheuring (Prison Break) from his own screenplay. It’s a remake of the 2001 German film Das Experiment, which centers on a group of ordinary men recruited to take part in a psychological research study. They’re divided up and put into prison. Some land jobs as guards, others are locked up as prisoners, all with the intent of studying how they react to their assigned roles, and to positions of power and control.

The experiment goes sour as the guards go drunk with power, and develop authoritarian tendencies, going to great lengths to hide their abusive actions from the researchers in order to keep their power trip going. The prisoners also band together in order to resist… and if you suspect things get really ugly, you’d be right.

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