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Monday, March 23, 2009

What IMTA means to Michael Adrian

Michael Adrian, a recent IMTA Contestant, wrote a letter to the IMTA Member Training Center who saw his potential, selected him to compete at IMTA and trained him. Here's what Michael had to say about IMTA:

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IMTA. It means something different to every person that has the opportunity to participate.... IMTA actually stands for International Model & Talent Association, but to me it takes a different meaning. To me, each letter stands for something that I must have to succeed in life whether it be in show business or the modeling industry or anywhere else one can find themselves. Let me break it down for you:

I - Integrity; The participants of IMTA are constantly challenged to discover who they are as people, and to make who they are the best it can be. Because the agents and managers that can help start your career in this tough business do not just look at how talented you are or how good looking you are, because, let's face it, everyone in Hollywood has talent and basically everyone in Hollywood looks good. It's your personality that sets you apart from the others, makes people want to work with you, and gets you work to make a career.

M - Modesty; In this business, you will be faced with more rejection than acceptance. As soon as you can get over yourself, how good looking you think you are, how talented you think you are, and realize that you have to work for what you get, put a smile on your face, and brush it off - not let it hurt your ego - the easier it will be for you to succeed. Besides, no one likes a stuck up.

T - Tenacity; If at first you don't succeed, which is almost guaranteed you will not, you must try again. Desire, work, dedication, and passion will give you the power of tenacity, a necessary tool for success.

A - Auspicious; You need to make yourself auspicious, or optimistic, to do well in anything, especially this business. Even when things are at their lowest, you feel the most down about everything, you need to pull through. No matter what the situation is, it could always be worse.

~Michael Adrian – (a recent IMTA contestant & big winner)

Michael's amazing attitude certainly helped him achieve success at IMTA! He won Junior Male Model of the Year and Junior Male Actor of the Year! Congratulations to Michael for starting his career at IMTA and special thanks to Barbizon Royal for sharing Michael's moving and inspiring letter!


Nicole Schmidt said...

Hey.. I heart you where have you been in my life? call me sometime...

Nicole Schmidt
aka harem girl
aka person you havent talked to in too long!!

Awesome to see your getting places. you will go very far in life my dear!!!!

Anonymous said...

Mike, It's Eli.
Everything you have said is true and it fills my heart with joy to see who you have become. I'm proud to know you as a friend and miss you terribly. keep up the great work.