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Friday, May 23, 2008

Sofia Vassilieva's feature film!

Cameron Diaz's ill daughter is played by Sofia Vassilieva (left) and
Abigail Breslin plays her sister

Sofia Vassilieva is currently shooting a film called My Sister’s Keeper. This is a very touching and dramatic story about how one daughter finds out she was born to help keep her older gravely ill sister alive and is based on a true story from Jodi Piccoult's novel My Sister's Keeper. It is truly a heart wrenching story which highlights the many obstacles families encounter. Cameron Diaz plays Sara Fitzgerald, Abigail Breslin plays Anna Fitzgerald and Sofia plays Kate Fitzgerald!

IMTA alum Sofia stars as Ariel Dubois, the daughter of the main character, Allison (Patricia Arquette) in the NBC hit series Medium. This is the fourth season of the intriguing series based on a real-life story. She competed at IMTA in New York, where she won the title of Child Actress of the Year and she was the first runner-up for Child Model of the Year 2000. She went on to star in many films such as Eloise at the Plaza, The Brady Bunch in the White House, the psychological thriller Inhabited and Day Zero. She recently wrapped Hurt about a widow and her children coping with loss and a new life. Sofia won a Best Supporting Young Artist Award in 2006 for Best Performance in a TV Drama.

Stay tuned for more information on Sofia in Medium, Hurt and My Sister's Keeper!

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