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Thursday, May 03, 2007

IMTA Alumni Films Premiering at Tribeca Film Festival

Sofia Vassilieva and Elijah Wood are two of the tremendously talented IMTA alumni actors who have films debuting at The Tribeca Film Festival this week in New York City. In the film, Day Zero, Sofia portrays a character named Mara and Elijah is one of the stars. The plot tells the story of New York City up heaved by a mandatory draft and follows three best friends, one of whom is played by Elijah Wood, who have drastically diverse reactions when called to duty.

Elijah has another motion picture, Paris je t'aime debuting at The Tribeca Film Festival. This films depicts eighteen different viewpoints of living life in a Parisian city. The Trades describes it as, "Essentially a love letter both from and to the city of Paris, Paris, je t'aime is one of those quirky little films released every so often that are made without pretentiousness by those involved." You can read more of their great review, on The Trades official site.

What makes The Tribeca Film Festival such a special screening for new films? Check out the answers following from their official site:
  • The director, cast, and crew are often on hand for a Q &A.
  • The over 200 films chosen from the nearly 4,500 submissions are from every corner of the globe and offer almost as many perspectives as New Yorkers have opinions.
  • Almost every film is a North American, international, or even world premiere, so you could be among the first to see the next big hit.
Sofia was discovered at the IMTA in New York, where she won the title of Child Actress and first runner-up Child Model Of The Year 2000. She went on to star in many films such as Eloise at the Plaza, The Brady Bunch in the White House, and Day Zero. She has received much attention for her role as Ariel Dubois, one of the lead characters on the hit NBC television show crime-mystery drama"Medium". If you are unable to go to New York City this week to see Sofia in Day Zero you can catch her May 9 in "Medium" on NBC!!!

Elijah competed at IMTA in 1989 and has been working ever since. He was scouted by and signed with Al Onorato. Since then, he has had an amazing career and starred in over 40 feature films, including the Academy-Award winning Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.

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