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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Music and Lyrics Soundtrack is now on iTunes!

The Music and Lyrics soundtrack is the featured album in the iTunes store containing tracks sung by Haley Bennett. Haley sings "Buddha's Delight," "Entering Bootytown," "Slam," and does a duet with Hugh Grant entitled "Way Back Into Love." From the dance melody in "Slam" to the love ballad of "Way Back Into Love," Haley demonstrates her true musical talent for audiences of all ages to enjoy.

Haley is currently working on an independent album. She is co-writing it with Shaley Scott and describes it in her latest blog, "I'm very excited to share my honesty with the world through my music...and I mean the world." Haley and her fans from all over the globe are anticipating the release of this exciting new album.

Haley competed at the 2001 IMTA Convention where she met her agents Mara Santino and Ryan Daly of Kazarian/Spencer & Associates. She recently came back to IMTA to present awards to our New York IMTA contestants. Check out Haley's songs and be on the look out for more of this multi- talented, rising star!!

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