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Friday, November 17, 2006

IMTA Alum Elijah Wood in Happy Feet Opening Today!

Elijah Wood stars as the voice of Mumble in the much anticipated Warner Brothers animated movie Happy Feet opening in theaters today. Happy Feet is a comedy adventure set in the heart of Antarctica, the homeland of the Emperor Penguins. These penguins sing each needing their own special heartsong to find a soul mate. The story in this new film is that our hero Mumble is the worst singer in the world but he has another talent: he can tap dance. This leads to problems for Mumble and the movie is a heartwarming story of being different and overcoming obstacles.
Mumble sets out across vast landscapes and, after some overwhelming experiences realizes that only by being honest and self accepting can you make a difference in the world.

Elijah attended IMTA in 1989 at age eight and started working as a professional actor immediately. He is a tremendously talented actor and has been in many feature films. He can next be seen in the dramatic movie Bobby, coming to theaters shortly.
Guess the Happy Feet Voices quiz on Moviefone!

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