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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Brandon Routh Superman released today on DVD!

The Man of Steel returns...this time on DVD! Superman Returns is available as a single movie or as part of a boxed set that includes the original films.

Nineteen years after its demise, Bryan Singer successfully jump-started the movie franchise with "Superman Returns," an enjoyable, magnificently mounted, $180 million sequel that became the year's fifth most popular film.

It moves like a speeding bullet and is so respectful of Superman tradition that even the pickiest of die-hard fans should love it. After a lapse of two decades, it revitalizes the franchise and makes it seem fresh and alive. A hot pick from the Seattle-Post Intelligencer

Brandon Routh stars as Superman and his charisma and natural likability have endeared Superman to a new generation. Brandon competed at IMTA in New York in 1999. Patrick Baca scouted him in Iowa and encouraged him to showcase his talent at the upcoming IMTA Convention. Brandon competed in Team, Runway and many other modeling and talent IMTA competitions. He impressed several agents, made contacts and relocated to Los Angeles. He signed with Kazarian/Spencer & Associates, who represented him when he was cast as Superman after an exhaustive world-wide search.

Not only is Brandon Routh from IMTA, the actor who plays Clark Kent at fifteen is from IMTA too! Here's the insider info on how it happened. At the Los Angeles, 2005 IMTA Convention there was lots of excitement and talk amongst the agents, managers and casting directors in attendance about how great it was that the new Superman was from IMTA.

One very astute manager noticed a young actor named Stephan Bender in the competitions who reminded him of Brandon Routh. He signed him and then called the casting office for Superman Returns and said,"I have your Superman at fifteen." Stephan came in to meet with Bryan Singer and Stephan got the part! And now both IMTA alums are part of Hollywood history!

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