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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Celebrate a Spooky Halloween with IMTA Alumni

In the mood for something spooky tonight? The DVD of the first season of Ghost Whisperer is out today! IMTA alum Joseph Castanon had a major guest-starring role in the second episode of season 1. Joseph's performance as Kenny in the episode "The Crossing" earned critical acclaim, a Young Artist Award and consideration for other major Hollywood honors! He played a lost child spirit who needed to be reunited with his family. Joseph competed at IMTA in New York in 2004 and signed with Martin Weiss Management and Abrams Artists Agency. Joseph relocated from Denver to L.A. and he has been working ever since!

Some of IMTA's most famous alumni have creepy movies to enjoy this Halloween, available on DVD. Rent the terrifying horror movie The Texas Chain Saw Massacre starring Jessica Biel. This film from 2003 is based loosely on true events that inpsired both the original and this update of the classic horror film about a some friends that become trapped in the company of a deadly group of cannibals that is guaranteed to scare you silly! Even the official website for the film is frightening! Jessica competed at IMTA in Los Angeles in 1994 and won a scholarship to a prestigious acting school. She moved from Boulder to L.A. and began her acting career which would bring her international fame.

Check out Katie Holmes in the hit MGM 1998 psychological thriller Disturbing Behavior. The teen horror flick is about murderous rebellion and Katie is great in her role as an inquisitive teen. In the scenic town of Cradle Bay, the teen population is remarkably well-behaved. It's up to the scruffy new arrivals to uncover the diabolical means by which the town's grown-ups exert their influence. You can see the original trailer here. Katie competed at IMTA in New York in 1995 and starred as Joey Potter on the hit WB series Dawson's Creek for six seasons. She is also an A-List feature film star!

If these sound too spooky for you, try Casper A Spirited Beginning starring IMTA alum Brendon Ryan Barrett and Casper the friendly Ghost. This a prequel to the Casper story from 20th Century Fox and it explains how Casper's ghostly life began. Brendon is the star of this classic family film. You can see the trailer here.

You can also watch the always hilarious Ashton Kutcher on That 70's Show in the special Halloween episode called "Too Old to Trick or Treat, Too Young to Die." Please check your local listing for times and stations. This syndicated treat is scheduled to air in most markets. A scene from this annual favorite is shown above. Ashton Kutcher was IMTA's 1997 Most Sought After Male Model.

Hold on to your seats tonight as IMTA alums scare the stuffing out of you.
Happy Halloween from all of us at IMTA!!!

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