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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Zach Roerig in Inturn!

Zach Roerig is one of the featured actors starring in the As The World Turns companion online reality series Inturn. The series follows eight participants as they move into a loft in Brooklyn, N.Y. and undergo a series of challenges, such as screen tests, cold readings and awkward prop challenges that will ultimately lead to five contestants being voted out by a group of judges. Check out the first episode here . Zach opens the show! He is heavily featured in episode six as well . It's a fascinating look at the life of daytime actor and it's only on the internet!

Zach has the perfect personality for this kind of show! Witty, handsome and talented, Zach competed at 2003 Los Angeles IMTA Convention. He signed with Thomas Harding Jones and auditioned and got the role of Casey Hughes! Zach recently made a SPECIAL VIP APPEARANCE at the Talent and All That Jazz IMTA Awards show where he addressed the crowd and wished them all luck!

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