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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Ashton Kutcher Teen Choice Nominee for Best TV Personality!

He's quite a personality..we would definitely agree! Ashton Kutcher competed at IMTA in New York in 1997. He won Most Sought After Model, beating out Model of the Year Josh Duhamel in the number of overall callbacks. He had tons of agent and manager attention and signed with a major New York modeling agency. Ready for the IMTA scoop???? Ashton had to change his name from Christopher Kutcher to Ashton because there was already a Christopher on their boards (it was another IMTA alum..famous model Chris Kutcher! Chris and Ashton became good friends too!).

Ashton stayed in New York after IMTA and started modeling immediately in the men's fashion shows that were the following week. After winning the big award, Ashton said,"If you want to be a model, singer, dancer or act, IMTA is the place to be!"

Here's a rundown on what Ashton has been up to since 1997 and IMTA!

2006 Film: The Guardian
2006 Film: Open Season
2005 Film: A Lot Like Love
2005 Film: Guess Who
2005 Television: Punk'd
2005 Television: That '70s Show
2004 Film: The Butterfly Effect
2004 Television: Punk'd
2004 Television: That '70s Show
2003 Film: Cheaper By The Dozen
2003 Film: My Boss's Daughter
2003 Film: Just Married
2003 Television: Punk'd
2003 Television: That '70s Show
2002 Television: Punk'd
2002 Television: That '70s Show
2001 Film: Texas Rangers
2001 Television: That '70s Show
2000 Film: Dude, Where's My Car?
2000 Film: Reindeer Games
2000 Film: Down To You
2000 Television: That '70s Show
1999 Film: Coming Soon
1999 Television: That '70s Show
1998 Television: That '70s Show
1997-1998 Model

We can't think of anyone more deserving of Best TV Personality...Ashton's great sense of humor, good looks and spirited delivery make him the Teen Choice!

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