Friday, December 19, 2014

IMTA Countdown - Issue 4!

IMTA Tip of the Week

IMTA Competitions give you the opportunity to be seen by Agents, Scouts and Managers from major markets. The Agent Introduction and Overview is an opportunity for the Agents, Managers, and Casting Directors to see all the Models and Actors at once. For the Agent Introduction and Overview, you will walk the runway with other Contestants in groups and are categorized by age and whether you are primarily a Model, Actor or Performer.  The Industry Pros have told us that they would like to see models with hair pulled back and minimal makeup. They want to see your face, bone structure and complexion. This also means that these professionals don't want to be distracted by elaborate styling.  We suggest wearing something that makes you feel confident. Black and white works best.

Remember to smile and show your personality!

Model Tip of the Week

"It's all in the Jeans"
The Jeans Competition is a terrific opportunity for you to show your style on the runway. Be sure to wear your favorite pair of blue jeans and a fitted T or tank top. Agents want to see you in jeans - no denim skirts or overalls, as it will affect your score. There are a variety to choose from such as Old Navy, Gap, Seven, Paige, Citizens, Joe's, and many more. This is one competition where you will definitely want to show and have fun on the runway.

Girls - keep your hair and makeup fresh, young and natural.

Check out the latest issues of In Style and Glamour magazine or your favorite fashion magazines for advice on how to find jeans that flatter every body type.

Talent Tip of the Week

'The Theatrical Headshots/Screen Test Competition is a great chance for you to show agents, managers and casting directors your headshots, how you look on-camera and in person! Here's how it works: You'll check in with an IMTA staff member and receive a list of lines. Select the line you can deliver best. Your contestant number will be announced, you say your line and your headshots will be shown on the screens!

This is the only talent competition that presents you to the judges in person, on screen and in combination with your headshot simultaneously. The judges want to see your acting potential so deliver your line as you would in a scene. 

Tips - Show your personality. There is no need to mimic the original delivery of the line or be over the top. A fresh approach can be just as impressive. Be yourself and let your winning personality shine!

Makeup Competition 

How quickly and skillfully can you do your makeup? In the Makeup Competition, you are given 15 minutes to apply your makeup. This Competition shows the judges whether you would be able to apply your own makeup if you were on a shoot and the makeup artist was not provided.

For the Makeup Competition, be sure to be bring any makeup supplies and brushes you will need along with a lighted mirror, (we'll have outlets for you to plug them in). Come with a clean face, hair pulled back and a terrific smile! Emphasize your best feature (eyes, lips, etc.) and make the rest of your face a flawless canvas.

To find the colors that work best for you, check out Cover Girl's Color Match.

And don't forget to follow the seasons! For current makeup styles, visit Sephora.

Actor of the Week

Alyson Stoner has starred in projects like Camp RockMike's Super Short Show, and Cheaper By The Dozen. She played the title role in the independent film Alice Upside Down, which received rave reviews. Alyson has done it all, including her own Original Dance Instructional Musical Fitness Revolution" DVD and her own channel on Wii Fit! Alyson first showcased her talent in 2000 at IMTA New York, where she signed with Osbrink Talent Agency.  Some of Alyson's other projects include Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam,Kung Fu Magoo, House M.D., Phineas and Ferb, and Step Up 3D. Alyson is the voice of Opal in Nickelodeon's The Legend of Korra.  Alyson's latest film Step Up All In is available now on DVD! She has two very exciting upcoming films including Hoovey and The A -List.

Click here to read Alyson's website & blog!

Model of the Week

Marissa Irwin attended IMTA Hooray for Hollywood in 2004 where she found and signed with her agent. She has done numerous print ads and was featured on the cover of Bridal Guide! She has modeled all over the world and appeared in magazines such as Seventeen and the cutting-edge magazine Zink.

IMTA Hall of Fame

Eva Longoria competed  at IMTA in 1998 where she amazed the judges with her dazzling talent and gorgeous look. She moved to Los Angeles soon after IMTA, and landed spots on 90210 and General Hospital. With her incredible talent, she also joined the cast of The Young and the Restless. In 2004, she became the nation's favorite housewife on Desperate Housewives. Eva wrapped her role as Gabrielle on Desperate Housewives in 2012 on the final season of Desperate Housewives while still working on feature films such as The Baytown Outlaws, The Truth and Long Time Gone.  Eva is the Executive Producer of Devious Maids and recently guest-starred on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

To see a complete listing of Eva's projects, click here.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

IMTA Alum Quinn McColgan

IMTA Alum Quinn McColgan stars in Wishin' and Hopin' with Molly Ringwald!  It is going to air Sunday and Monday on Lifetime!  Quinn competed at IMTA with Barbizon Chique and was the 2009 Most Sought After Talent Award Winner!

Here's a quote from an interview Quinn did with The Movie Network:
TMN: Well, how did you get started in acting?
Quinn McColgan: Well, one day I was on a bandstand and these people came out to my parents, and they gave them a card to go to this class. And I went to this class, and then from then on I went to a place called IMTA and I got an award for Most Sought After Actress, and from then I got an agent and then I just kind of started.

Quinn will also appear in the upcoming mini-series Members Only with Betsy Brandt and John Stamos and in the film Welcome to Harmony with Matthew Fox.  For more about Quinn, please follow her Fan Facebook page.  You can also follow Quinn's twitter and instagram.

Congratulations Quinn on all of your exciting projects!  We are so proud of you!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Isabella Jiang Update!

Isabella looks amazing in her most recent shoot in NYC!!! Isabella is going to be bi-coastal very soon!!! She currently lives in NYC and plans on going between NYC & LA!! Great great job Isabella!!  Isabella competed at IMTA in New York in July with Pro-Model & Talent Management.

Here's a quote from Isabella from our IMTA Insider interview:
What did coming to IMTA do for your career: I felt like IMTA was the express train that took me from just-a-dreamer to a-dream-maker, nonstop... IMTA definitely plays a very important role in my career and it has led me to my dream come true...

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

IMTA Alum Garrett Hedlund in Unbroken!

IMTA Alum Garrett Hedlund stars as John Fitzgerald in the upcoming feature film Unbroken!  He plays an officer who has been captured in the film directed by Angelina Jolie.  Garrett competed at IMTA in New York in 2000.
He starred in Troy as Patroclus (Brad Pitt's character Achille's cousin) and as Sam Flynn in Tron:  Legacy.

Unbroken is receiving rave reviews and many critical award nominations.   There is even Academy Award buzz about the film!

Congratulations to Garrett for being in such an important film. We can't wait to see your performance!

Monday, December 15, 2014

IMTA Alum Ashlee Keating's Lyric Video for Ice Kingdom!

IMTA Alum Ashlee Keating's new lyric video is adorable!  It will put you in the mood for winter! Here's a message from Ashlee:

"Here is my Official Lyric Video for my original song I co-wrote for the 52 Songs Of Happiness Campaign with Coca Cola called "Ice Kingdom".
Make sure to check it out and listen to it on Radio Disney. Request the song at 1-877-870-5678. You can also buy it on iTunes!"

Ashlee competed at IMTA in New York in 2007 with Main Line Models & Talent and was awarded First Runner Up for Junior Singing.  To find out more about Ashlee, you can like her on facebook or follow her twitter.

Friday, December 12, 2014

IMTA Alum Bryan Harris for Huf Magazine!

Here is amazing new editorial on IMTA Alum Bryan Harris for Huf Magazine! Bryan competed at IMTA New York 2014 with Fogg Management and was awarded IMTA Male Model of the Year.  

Thursday, December 11, 2014

IMTA Countdown - Week 3!

Model Tip of the Week

The Agents at the IMTA Convention will want you to have healthy, beautiful, shiny hair so be sure your hair is in gorgeous condition! Find the products that work best on your hair and remember salon products may cost about the same as drugstore products because you can use so much less. Be sure to ask your Director before you make any significant changes to your hair such as a shorter style, or highlights. Your Director will want you to look like your photos and comp card so dramatic changes are not a good idea. The Agents at the IMTA Convention will want you to have healthy, beautiful, shiny hair.

For some hair style tips from Marie Claire, click here.

Runway/Fashion Print

Let's focus on Runway/Fashion Print. The way you walk is one of the most important factors in presenting yourself in the Runway Competition. Be sure to select shoes that you can walk in. It's good to show some personality -- and the judges love a great smile! As you practice and refine your walk, focus on moving smoothly and confidently. Wardrobe selection should not deter from your walk - choose an outfit you feel great in. Guys, make sure you walk naturally too. You may want to use creative imagery and envision yourself on the Runway at IMTA, walking beautifully with elegance and grace. Remember, your two fashion print shots will be projected onto screens and monitors just before you walk the Runway. Agents love seeing how you look in print as well as your potential on the runway.

To see some great examples of runway walks from the Spring 2015 Ready-to-Wear Collections, click here and select your favorite designer's show.

Talent Tip of the Week

Have you ever noticed how your first impression lasts the longest? It's that way for the agents, managers and casting directors at IMTA, so when you take the stage or the mic for your performance at IMTA, be in character and in the moment. In fact, as soon as you walk in the room, you may have attracted an agent's attention. Whether you are on stage, in the elevators or in a meeting room, be professional, friendly and upbeat. You never know when you'll be noticed!

Having a great stage presence has a lot to do with how prepared you are. Rehearse enough so that you feel comfortable with your lines but don't over-rehearse. Smile; you're on!

Break a leg!

Competition Tip of the Week

Get ready for your TV Commercial Competitions. When performing your Commercial, remember that you are selling a product. Make your product sound like it's the best ever! Make your delivery fresh and stick to the script. Judges are looking for personality, projection and believability.

You can practice your commercial in front of a mirror. On your competition day, make sure you are not wearing distracting jewelry or hair clips. The judges will want to see your eyes so if you have long bangs, make sure they are off of your face. Wear a solid color shirt (stay away from white). Prints and striped materials usually don't show up as well on-camera.

The best part of an IMTA Commercial Competition? It may be about a product but you are really promoting yourself as a talent! IMTA alum Eva Longoria is pictured above performing her IMTA TV Commercial Competition.

Actor of the Week

Raini Rodriguez has been in numerous feature films and television series since attending IMTA in 2005. Raini's television projects include The Suite Life of Zack and CodyParkerI'm in the Band, and True Jackson, VP.  Raini stars as Trish on the top rated Disney's hit show Austin & Ally. Raini is also being featured in a pilot for Disney called Growing Up and Down about two parents who are inexplicably teenagers again.  Raini is also returning in the Paul Blart Mall Cop 2 sequel which will be in theaters April, 2015. 

Model of the Week

Zhanna competed at IMTA and signed with IMG. Zhanna has appeared in tons of fashion magazines including NylonTeen Vogue and Jane. She has also modeled in many designer fashion shows including Genart, Daryl K and Michael Soheil. She also appeared as herself on Season 8 of Project Runway.
In an exclusive IMTA interview with Zhanna, when asked about what she learned at IMTA that helped her in her career, Zhanna replied, "EVERYTHING! How to walk, how to pose, how to talk to clients, how to portray myself as a professional model and as a professional woman."

IMTA Hall of Fame

Ashton Kutcher plays Walden Schmidt on the hit CBS comedy Two and a Half Men, which is wrapping up the final season.  He has worked with several IMTA Alumni in the movies Valentine's Day with Jessica Biel, Bobby with Elijah Wood, in Cheaper by the Dozen with Alyson Stoner and in Dude, Where's My Car? with yet another IMTA alum, Seann William Scott.  He also starred in the film New Year's Eve with fellow IMTA alumni, Jessica Biel and Josh Duhamel. He has starred in many popular films including No Strings AttachedWhat Happens in Vegas, The Butterfly Effect, and The Guardian. Kutcher also starred as the title character in the  film Jobs about the life of Steve Jobs.

Ashton competed IMTA in 1997, and received so many callbacks, he won Most Sought After Male Model of the Year! He signed with a modeling agency and walked the runways for top designers in the fashion industry. He soon was cast as Kelso on That 70's Show. He has become a successful producer (Punk'd, Miss Guided) as well as a Hollywood A-List actor. Alongside his acting achievements, Ashton was also the first person to have 1 million followers on Twitter! Follow him at for updates in the life of Ashton.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

IMTA Alum Ashlee Keating on Radio Disney Tomorrow!!!

Please be sure to tune in to Radio Disney tomorrow to hear an interview with IMTA Alum Ashlee Keating! Ashlee is also currently filming a movie in Los Angeles.  The movie is called The Mint and she is playing a leading role. Her character is Samantha Cole, a girl from Tennessee.  Ashlee also sings in the movie.  Ashlee competed at IMTA in New York in 2007 with Main Line Models & Talent and was awarded First Runner Up for Junior Singing.

Congratulations Ashlee!  We can't wait to hear your interview!

IMTA Alum Eva Longoria Announces 2015 SAG Award Nominations!

IMTA Alum Eva Longoria announced the 21st annual Screen Actors Guild Award nominations this morning with Ansel Elgort!  It was super exciting for the nominees to be recognized for their work in film or television and Eva was amazing as an announcer.   Eva competed at IMTA in 1998 and wowed all the agents and managers scouting at IMTA. She received 38 callbacks from representatives who wanted to sign her! She signed with a manager she had met at the convention and went on to star in the hugely popular TV show Desperate Housewives.

You can see all the excitement right here on That IMTA Blog!

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

IMTA Alum Aaron Paul on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

IMTA Alum Aaron Paul was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night!  Aaron talks about his African safari and his new app.  Aaron competed at IMTA in 1997.  Here is an excerpt from The Idaho Statesman about Aaron Paul's experience at IMTA:
"Paul arrived in Los Angeles at 17 in 1997, along with thousands of kids from across the country, for the International Model and Talent Association competition. He prepared a monologue for the big showcase that draws managers and agents looking for the next big thing, but that’s not the one he delivered.

'Here I am this kid from Boise, Idaho, and I’m sitting there watching and realize that there’s no way my monologue is going to stand out,' he says. 'I knew this was my shot, and I had to do something bold, something dangerous.'

Paul went to his room and wrote his own monologue about a boy who wakes up inside a padded cell in an insane asylum. His character talks to his mother (the audience) through the hole in the door, pleading for his release. Paul knew he nailed it when hotel security showed up at his door.

The risk paid off. Paul won runner-up and signed with his first manager that day."

Monday, December 08, 2014

IMTA Alum Mariah Strongin for Kate Spade!

Check out these gorgeous images of IMTA Alum Mariah Strongin for Kate Spade on Gilt Group! Mariah attended IMTA 2008 with IMD Models and won Model and Actor of the Year!